Why do you need Green Power?

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Pollution. Urbanisation. Over-farming. Industrialisation. These disturbing symptoms of modern human life have led to an even more disturbing deterioration in the quality of our soil, air and water sources. This means that the plant foods that take root in our soil (or beneath our water) are also becoming deficient in the vitamins, minerals and organic compounds they’re known to contain. So even the healthiest modern diet can leave you nutritionally short-changed.

Most human diseases and chronic conditions are caused or exacerbated by a deficiency in vital nutrients. But when you supply your body with the nutrients it needs in a form that is easily absorbed and utilised, your body knows how to repair itself. That’s the thinking behind The Real Thing Green Power.

This supplement is designed to deliver a smorgasbord of nutrients, in a natural, organically grown, bioavailable form. It’s a powerful way to fill in nutritional gaps and give your body the boost it needs.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]



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