Meal Plans

Meal Plans

Re Launched – new MEAL PLANS

10 Day Detox

With everything going online, we have just launched the new 10 Day Recharge Program.

If you haven’t seen it already on social media, we have launched a new 10-day program to help you get back into shape – especially if you’ve found it difficult to resist temptations over the past few weeks, and you need some revitalizing. This 10-day recharge will get you back to feeling fresh and full of energy in no time.

We make use of CELLULAR DETOX PRINCIPLES as the means for speeding up your weight loss and energizing journey. The program includes daily meal plans and recipes, These are easy to follow and can be substituted for other foods you may have at home. 

Metabolic Reset

The Metabolic Reset is a 10-Day guide to applying ketogenic principles, using a whole-foods-based approach.

Think of it as a ‘green’ version of Banting: it’s much richer in plants, inflammatory nutrients & gut-loving foods.

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