Live Blood Analysis

Live Blood Analysis

Live Blood Analysis is an assessment tool which provides immediate insights into your health and disease status.  Judith uses these finding to develop an individualised health and nutrition plan.

Live blood analysis involves a finger prick test that reveals. Extracted blood can reveal the following:

  • Relative level of acidity in the body fluids and the effects of these acids on the body
  • Activity of the immune system
  • Condition of the red blood cells and changes in form and function
  • General organ ‘stress’
  • Presence of parasites, bacteria, yeast, fungus and mould
  • Blood sugar and hormonal imbalances
  • Poor assimilation of fats, proteins and other nutrients
  • Crystalline forms of morbid matter, acids and cholesterol
  • Degenerative stress and gastrointestinal tract dysfunction

Just how can live blood analysis help prevent disease

How many tests and procedures do you know of that are truly a part of preventative medicine?

A regular blood sugar test? Yearly laboratory blood tests with your GP? CT or MRI scans? The truth is that all of these co-called preventative procedures are really just early detection measures. For example, having a regular blood sugar test is not part of prevention. The reason for this is quite simple. High blood sugar readings indicate that the body has failed at all its attempts to regulate the blood sugar levels. A consistent high blood sugar level is a process that takes a long time to develop, with many countermeasures used by the body in its attempts to manage the situation. If you were to prevent high blood sugar, you would need to be able to identify imbalances many years before the blood sugar reads appear high on a standard sugar test. Live blood analysis detects many imbalances that cannot be detected through conventional investigations. It is an invaluable tool in preventative medicine is it uncovers imbalances that, if left unchecked, will lead to a number of chronic diseases. Many of these imbalances are brought on by nutritional imbalances and poor dietary and lifestyle choices. It is a well-known fact that most chronic diseases are exacerbated by diet and lifestyle.

How do you motivate your clients to change their lifestyle?

Changing one’s diet might be one of the most difficult things to do. One of the greatest benefits of live blood analysis is being able to motivate clients to make the necessary changes, and to show them the positive impact of this. This visual impact is very important. It was shown in a study that people who were given the actual images of their damaged arteries after an angiogram were significantly more compliant in making changes to their diet and lifestyle than those who only saw the images once. Being able to see the impact of poor dietary and lifestyle choices and to refer back to those images has a very powerful effect on keeping people motivated.


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