Detox and Cleanse

Detoxification: this is the buzz word this time of the year. But what does it mean and do we actually need to detox? Our poor bodies are constantly exposed to environmental toxins from heavy metals, drugs, pesticides, industrial compounds and all the things we put into our mouths (including the 10 000 chemicals added to […]

Healthy Snacking For Kids

Holidays are synonymous with friends, family, and good food. Holiday foods arenโ€™t always healthy, though, and many of us deviate from our careful eating plans over the festive season. December can be an especially tricky time when it comes to this. Chips, sweets, chocolates and cakes are very tempting โ€“ for adults and children alike. […]

Why do you need Green Power?

Pollution. Urbanisation. Over-farming. Industrialisation. These disturbing symptoms of modern human life have led to an even more disturbing deterioration in the quality of our soil, air and water sources. This means that the plant foods that take root in our soil (or beneath our water) are also becoming deficient in the vitamins, minerals and organic […]