Asparagus and Radish Salad


1 bag rocket and baby spinach leaves

1 bunch asparagus

4 radishes

½ cup peas, fresh or frozen (thawed)

2 springs mint, thinly sliced


3 Tbs extra-virgin, cold-pressed, preferably organic olive oil

½ lemon, juiced

1 clove garlic, crushed or minced

2 Tbs Dijon mustard

1/2t sea salt

2 sprigs fresh dill, finely chopped


  1. Prepare the dressing: In a small bowl, combine the dressing ingredient and whisk until well-combined.
  2. Wash the aspsragus and trim to remove any woody edges.
  3. Blanch the asparagus until bright green. Add the raw asparagus to a bowl and cover with hot water for 45 seconds, or lightly steam.
  4. Immediately transfer the asparagus to a bowl of cold water to stop the cooking process. Strain and towel dry.
  5. Once dry, chop into ½ inch pieces keeping the tips together.
  6. Wash and thinly slice radishes into rounds, removing the tough ends.
  7. In a large bowl, combine the salad ingredients.
  8. Slowly add dressing to the salad, tossing until lightly coated.

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