Nutty Banana Bread – Gluten Free

Try our Nutty Gluten Free Banana Bread for the ideal start to the day. This delicious bread is perfect toasted with a topping of almond butter and sliced banana, or to indulge with a cup of tea during your break. However you eat it, you couldn’t find a healthier treat!



1.5 cups almonds

1.5 cups cashews or pecans

¼ cup mixed seeds

½ cup brown rice flour

½ cup honey, agave, maple syrup or maple xylitol syrup

2 Tbs cinnamon

3 Tbs chia seeds

3 over ripe bananas

2 small apples

Optional extra: Add choice of cranberries, goji berries, organic raisins


Blend the nuts into flour. (I like to keep some of the nuts a little bigger to add texture) In a mixing bowl, mix nut flour, seeds, brown rice, sweetener of choice, cinnamon and chia seeds. Mash up the bananas and add. Grate the apples and add. Use 1 apple if you don’t have small apples otherwise will be too wet.

Mix the mashed fruit and dry mix until sticky and well combined.

Grease a bread loaf tin with coconut oil and spoon the mixture in. Spread evenly. Bake at 150°C for about an hour until you can pull a knife out of the centre clean. Remove from baking tin and allow to cool.



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