‘Leaky gut’ and inflammation – understanding the science

Understanding the gut-inflammation link involves grasping the concept ‘endotoxemia’. Let’s break it down for you: What is endotoxemia? Bacteria in the gut release fragments, known as LPS (lipopolysaccharides). They are essential in the body – our bacteria use them as signaling, communication and attachment tools. LPS particles are not problematic to the body when in […]

Mediterranean Keto (Keto Flex 12/3) Dietary Approach

The ‘Keto Diet’, as we know it, is successful in ensuring one enters ‘ketosis’; however it traditionally consists of too much protein, high amounts of inflammatory fat, insufficient fiber for gut health, and a low quantities of health-promoting phytonutrients found in plant foods. For this reason, we encourage individuals to incorporate key features of the […]

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