It’s a Gut Feeling

Did you know that Hippocrates proclaimed, “All disease begins in the gut,” nearly 2500 years ago? And he wasn’t wrong! Your gut health is more crucial than you might think.It’s not just about processing and eliminating food. Your gut’s well-being directly impacts which nutrients are absorbed and which toxins, allergens, and microbes are repelled. In […]

5 things to know about probiotics


Written by Stephanie Rouillard, RD Published December 2022 Enter your health store and before you know it: your basket is full of a ton of so-called probiotic-containing products. Here’s 5 things to know about probiotics before ringing them up at the till: #1 What is a probiotic? Probioticsrefer to live ‘bugs’ (microorganisms or microbes) that […]

2 fats that ‘make or break’ an inflammatory diet 

Jun 17  Written By Stephanie Rouillard Your intake of Omega 3 to Omega 6 fat is one of the most important nutrient ratios to achieving an anti-inflammatory diet.  Understanding dietary fatty acids – it’s as easy as omega 3, 6 & 9  Fatty acids are some of the most potent inflammatory mediators – in other words, […]

Chopped Tuna ‘Mayo’ Salad

Mediterranean Style grilled Tuna

Ingredients: (serves 1)1 cup red cabbage1 medium carrot½ cup raw broccoli1 courgette/zucchini1 can shredded tuna in brine1 tsp mayonnaise1 tsp plain natural yoghurt1 tsp olive oilSalt and pepperFresh herbs: spring onion, coriander1 limeMethod:1.Finely slice the red cabbage.2.Peel and grate the carrot 3. Finley chop the broccoli and courgette4.Strain the brine from the tuna and mix […]

Mediterranean Style grilled Tuna

Serves: 2 300g fresh tuna steak2 tablespoons olive oil1 teaspoon dried oregano1 clove garlic, gratedSalt and Pepper1 cup cherry tomatoesFresh basil and parsley, torn

Lemon and Fennel Salmon

Lemon and Fennel Salmon

Serves: 1 ½ fennel bulb120-150g salmon fillet1 teaspoon olive oil1 lemon1 teaspoon fresh thyme, choppedSalt and Pepper 1. Heat the oven to 200℃. 2. Prepare an oven tray lined with greaseproof paper. 3. Slice the fennel bulb into thin strips and lay them in the centre of the oven tray. Place the salmon fillet, skin […]

Festive Brussels

Festive Brussels

Serves: 3-4   300g brussels sprouts 1 tablespoon olive oil Pinch salt 1 teaspoon wholegrain mustard 2 tablespoons flaked almonds, toasted 1 tablespoons dried cranberries, chopped Fresh parsley / mint Slice the brussels sprouts in half vertically.  Heat the olive oil in a large non-stick pan and add the brussels, cut side down. Fry for […]

Curried Hake

Curried Hake - black bowl

Serves: 2 380g hake fillet2 tablespoons olive oil1 heaped tablespoon roasted masala1 teaspoon ginger, grated1 clove garlic, gratedZest of 1 lemon½ teaspoon saltFresh coriander (to serve) Heat the oven to 200℃. Lay the hake onto an oven tray lined with parchment paper. In a small bowl mix the olive oil, masala, ginger, garlic, lemon zest […]

Chicken, Cauli and Mushroom Broth

Chicken, Cauli and Mushroom Broth

Serves: 1 ½ cup leek, chopped5 button mushroom, sliced1 tablespoon olive oil250ml chicken brothSalt1 courgette / zucchini½ cup cauliflower, grated½ cup cooked chicken, shreddedFresh corianderToasted sesame seeds (optional) Fry off the chopped leek and mushroom in a little olive oil for 5-8 minutes until they turn golden. Add the chicken broth to the pan and […]

Broccoli cauli and fennel salad

chopped Broccoli Salad

Ingredients:2 cups broccoli (stalks and florets)2 cups cauliflower (stalks and florets)½ avocado Dressing1 tablespoon wholegrain mustard3 tablespoons lemon juice3 tablespoons olive oil1 teaspoon honey2 tablespoon chopped dill / fennel frondsPinch of salt Roughly cut the broccoli and cauliflower into florent and add them to the bowl of a food processor. Pulse until they are chopped […]

Banana Berry cauli smoothie

Banana, Berry and Cauli smoothie

Serves: 1 1 cup berries (strawberries / raspberries / blueberries)½ cup frozen banana1 cup cauliflower florets1 tablespoon grated ginger1 teaspoon cinnamon ½ teaspoon vanilla½ cup non-dairy milk (oat / almond)2 blocks of iceMint (optional) Blend all of the ingredients together using a food processor or nutribullet until smooth. Enjoy!


THE LATEST ON LECTINS with Steph Rouillard, We know that a plant possesses physical barriers – think about spines on a cactus, or the hard-outer shell of nuts – to protect itself from being consumed by animals. However, beyond a plant’s surface, there are ‘sneaky’ groups of natural components – such as lectins,oxalates,phytates, tannins […]

How genetic testing can help you.

Are you fed up with fad diets? Are you done with trying all of the ‘in’ supplements to get to the bottom of your health concerns? If that’s a yes, then you’ve come to the right place. Genetic testing has come to you at the right time. It’s time to listen to your body – […]

The Complexities of Coffee

The Complexities of Coffee                                       Did you know that your wake-me-up cuppa this morning contained over 1000 different compounds?Coffee’s compounds are actually bioactive, meaning they can potentiate health benefits. Coffee’s constituents – various minerals, polyphenols, diterpenes, melanoidins – actually have anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and insulin-sensitizing properties. So another round of cortados FOR EVERYONE, then? No, not […]

Cruciferous crunch detox salad (serves ~6)

1 small red cabbage, finely chopped 1 small cauliflower, finely chopped 1 small broccoli, finely chopped 1 cup microgreens (broccoli and radish, rocket) 1 apple – finely chopped Handful of dried cranberries/pomegranates 1 round feta – crumbled over the top Mix all together Dressing: ½ cup olive oil ¼ cup apple cider vinegar or fresh […]

Green superfood detox salad (serves 4)

2 cups Spinach, finely chopped or use baby spinach 1 cup mixed detox microgreens ½ cucumber, sliced 2 raw zucchini,  thinly sliced 1 Avocado 1 tomato, sliced 1-2 Tbs Coconut flakes, almond flakes, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds Dressing: ½ cup olive oil ¼ cup apple cider vinegar 2 tsp seeded mustard 1 tsp honey Sprinkle […]

Daily detox superfood smoothie

1 cup mixed  broccoli, rocket, radish microgreens, ½ cup baby spinach leaves ½ cup berries (raspberries/blueberries) 20g cashews, 20g almonds ½ avocado ½ lemon squeezed 1 cm fresh ginger Water to desired consistency

Anti-inflammatory detox smoothie

1 cup broccoli, rocket, radish microgreens 100ml pomegranate juice extract – no sugar added 80 ml coconut water 30g cashews 100ml water Option: Can add ½ banana for extra sweetness Blend all together

Superfood detox pesto: (corander/chili) (makes ~300ml)

Add titleSuperfood detox pesto: (corander/chili) (makes ~300ml) 1 and ½  cups coriander leaves, stalks removed ½  cup basil leaves 1 cup mix broccoli,rocket, sunflower and radish microgreens ½ cup almond flour handful macadamia nuts Juice and zest  from 1 lemon ½  clove garlic, peeled, ½  tsp dried chillies 6 Tbs  extra virgin olive oil 1 […]

Superfood detox Pesto: (basil) (Makes ~300ml)

1 and ½  cups basil leaves, stalkes removed ½  cup coriander leaves, stalks removed 1 cup mixed microgreens (broccoli, radish, rocket, sunflower) ½ cup garden peas ½ cup cashews and almond flour mixed Juice from 1 large lemon ½  clove garlic, peeled, 6 Tbs  extra virgin olive oil 1 round feta (can use ricotta or […]

Spring Onion Dressing

30ml apple cider vinegar1 tsp Dijon mustardJuice from 1 lemon30 ml extra-virgin olive oil1 small bunch of spring onions, choppedHimalayan salt to taste Mix together & store in a jar in the fridge. Recipe: Stephanie RouillardInstagram:

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